Erste Impressionen vom Winter Camp 2011 - First impressions of the Winter Camp 2011 in Germany


 Even in water there are objects which can be used to enforce the defense- this is called "to show the wall".

 Strong and suprising attacks are crucial for realistic training.

 A slam down of the head to the water surface is a nice way to convince the attacker to stop his attempt.

 Moving in water in wet clothes to experience different environments and the influence on defenses.

 Ball games "warrior style". Task: Fight your way to the goals or stab the goalkeeper for points. All others should protect.

 How to take down an opponent on slippery surface - and how to finish to get away.

 Approach to fighting in the dark- always contact to the opponent to feel the target when not able to see it.

 Explanations on different variations of defenses against punches.

 Immediate hand/ body defense and counter against a stomping kick to the chest.

 Depending on the defenders position, different attacks are suitable. The attacker moves into the hammer punch.

 The mental state in a fighting situation is a crucial element of Krav Maga training.

 Inside defense against defensive forward kick. The defender prepares a straight right punch as counterattack.

 Scanning the area after every defense to watch out for further opponents.

 Deceiving punch to prepare a roundhouse kick to the unprotected area.

 The body defense moves the defender out of the line of attack.

 Against multiple opponents you have to leave the ground as fast as possible.

 Defense against impending knife threat.

 From Israel into the german winter- Shahar Klarfeld, former head of the Israel Defense Forces.

 Fighting against multiple opponents. Strategic movement and recognition of different attacks in all angles and ranges.